Cosmetics companies = billions and billions of dollars of profits for men from the pockets of women.


I’m all about women wearing make-up if they want to! But it is really important to know this stuff, and to realize that these men profit off of women and girls feeling as if they are unattractive, undesirable, and incomplete without makeup. Don’t let patriarchal beauty standards and a male-dominated capitalist society convince you you NEED any product to be beautiful, desirable, and whole. 

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a letter from the end of the first week of hogwarts

  • albus severus: dear mum and dad
  • albus severus: i was in the library today
  • albus severus: reading a book about previous heads of hogwarts
  • albus severus: and i would just like to say
  • albus severus: are you fucking serious
  • albus severus: i demand a name change immediately
  • albus severus: just literally anything else please
  • albus severus: fucking dobby kreacher potter for all i care
  • albus severus: sorry for swearing i just
  • albus severus: bloody hell
  • albus severus: yours sincerely,
  • albus severus: aragog fang potter or some shit

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Villa Vals

Architects CMA and SeARCH were focusing on the question if it would be possible to conceal a house in an Alpine slope while still exploiting the wonderful views and allowing light to enter the building when planing the Villa Vals. They decided to build a central patio into the steep incline to create a large facade with considerable potential for window openings. The viewing angle from the building is slightly inclined, giving a dramatic view of the beautiful mountains on the opposite side of the narrow valley.

All images © Iwan Baan

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